Hot on Android: Skyous

First of all, this game is not just available on Android, but also on iOS, Steam and even Switch, which makes for an impressive cross-platform launch. What is even more impressive is the fact that this Unity-built game offers some very dynamic and very trippy features. Check out its trailer below.

The easiest way to describe Skyous is to say that it is an action shooter with a strong narrative that is further soaked in psychedelic weirdness. It also features the real world, spanning the journey it will take the players from Sao Paulo to Tokyo. Say what you like about it, but Skyous is clearly an unique title and a bold indie game. It's the brainchild of a single developer, Khaled Alshammari and creating something like this is a huge achievement.

Check out the game's official Unity dev page and see if you want to try out Skyous or how you can help Khaled spread the word about his amazing game.