Hot on Android: The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Unlike consoles and even the PC market, Android and mobile gaming, in general, is not often associated with fighting games. However, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is out and it's offering a good enough game to get fighting fans to take notice.

What is most appealing about the title from the get-go is the fact that it brings all of the characters from the franchise history. This means over 200 of the same characters, all available at the same time.

The game provides a range of modes, including an online multiplayer where you can go head-to-head against other fans of the series. If you're more of a co-play gamer, there's that mode in the offer as well.

With the current score of 4.2 based on almost 23,000 votes, the game is clearly an engaging piece of the fighting pie. If you too love to give people a beating on your mobile device, check out The King of Fighters ALLSTAR on Google Play right now!