Hot on Android: Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile (such an inventive name) entered limited beta some time ago, but now, finally, it is available across the world. Now, the CoD franchise has made a step into the mobile arena and the FPS fans cannot be more excited, especially because Apex Legends doggedly refuses to do the same.

CoD: Mobile is free-to-play with a bunch of modes and limited Call of Duty connectivity - there will be no crossplay alternatives here, so all players will be on the mobile servers only. The modes include - naturally - Battle Royale where 100 players dog it out, as well as a five-on-five deathmatch.

The game also comes with maps from Modern Warfare and Black Ops, which is both cool on the part of the developers and also saves them money on making unique ones from the start. Yet, the game features no external controller support which is weird and so far, the audience is not exactly smitten away by the game.

It has over a million reviews and the average score is 3.5, but most of these are due to technical issues. Activision will likely iron these out in the coming weeks, so if you're a fan of FPS games and CoD series, in particular, check Call of Duty: Mobile on its Google Play page!