Coming Soon to Stream: Occultus Command

In the distant future, the year is 3260. Father's Wrath is the name of a massive cosmic storm that is going to hit Earth and obliterate its upper layers, along with any life there. You have but one chance to survive it - escaping to the world deep underground called Occultus, but the road to there is going to be anything but easy. Check out the trailer for getting a better sense of where this is all going.
As you can see, this very sci-fi and cyberpunk plot belongs to the Occultus Command, an upcoming 2D sidescroller by the Cuco Code studio. The game uses elements of the Metroidvania genre, along with super movies, combos, and assists. These have been made in a style that mixes Marvel vs Capcom fighting game with Donkey Kong Country. Both of these games are classics in the broader action genre, so having both sounds like an amazing opportunity for some retro, yet unique gaming fun.

In the audio-visual department, the game takes its distinctive style from the 1990s comic books. One look at the game’s art and especially its characters and you’ll immediately see the resemblance. This is a great idea being that the 90s comics are so distinctive and still rarely appear in the gaming titles. The music track that follows the action very appropriately uses hip hop and synth tunes.

Occultus Command should hit the Steam market by the end of the month and it will be available in both English and Spanish. If you like indie platformers and enjoy unique and bold art, you have to check out this game - also, don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam!