Coming Soon to Steam: CRAZY CAGE

In CRAZY CAGE, things really do get crazy in no time at all! This title is a mixture of a party game and an online brawler/fighting release. It is the work of a single developer, who created it from top to bottom mainly to provide endless chaos and fun. The main sources of inspiration were Super Smash Bros, Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts, among others. All of these influences are clearly visible in the final result.

In the game, you take on a character and engage in battle with others. You can play single player, but also two multiplayer alternatives. The first one is a 4-player split-screen in the tradition of the great old-school couch multiplayer. The second is a full online multiplayer for eight or more players.
In the game, you'll find a setup based on rag doll physics, so there will be a lot of flying and bouncing around in the super-psychedelic cage-like levels. Once the battle is joined, you'll be able to use both melee weapons and guns with insane calibers. Naturally, the setting and the main mechanics, especially rag doll elements make it an ideal game for hanging out with friends and wanting to play something that is wacky and competitive in equal measure.

CRAZY CAGE is in its final development stage and you can find it on Steam. Soon it should hit the market in its Early Access form and after that, it should move on to other platforms including consoles. If you want to follow the development of the game check its author's Twitter and of course, check out CRAZY CAGE on Steam!