Awesome Gaming Videos: What Really Happens In Fortnite Lobby : Episode 1 (SFM Animation)

Years ago, video gaming experts noticed that the biggest thing about Fornite is the fact that it produces its own news. That means that the community around the game is so big and active that they make a whole range of content for the rest to enjoy. The Mad4Games YouTube channel is a perfect example of this idea. More precisely, the series that the channel creates and hosts called What Really Happens in Fortnite Lobby. Here is the first episode:
As you can see, the in-game assets are used here to set up a hilarious scene that covers singing, talking, texting, dancing emoting and violent threats. Furthermore, it features, among others, Marshmallow and John Wick, giving it another layer of hilariousness. Naturally, it's easy to see why all fans of Fortnite will find this beyond interesting and most will laugh out loud during some moments.

If you too love this battle royale game, take a moment to follow this channel on Twitter and subscribe to Mad4Games. Chances are the same place that will not just continue this series but produce much more engaging Fortnite content as well!