Awesome Gaming Videos: Hold on To Your Boobs, We’re one Step Closer To The Treasure - Uncharted Drakes Fortune Part 5

The thing you'll instantly like about this video is something any gamer can appreciate - complete and absolute frustration with a part of a game that is just killing you. In this case, Angeeerie, who's a super-cool and funny gaming content creator, is being tortured by an insanely hard part of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, AKA the jet ski sequence. Check her out as she tries to maneuver this part, literally and figuratively:
Clearly, Angeeerie, who's currently at around 630 subs, will soon be much more famous because she has both a great sense of humor and a great sense of pacing when she comments and plays at the same time. Even if you never saw Uncharted, you will appreciate how she describes her experience, but also how she communicates with her audience and references the previous tips and suggestions she got. This would also make her a great live streamer, so hopefully, she gets into this as well.

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