Awesome Gaming Video: Flashing Lights Role Play (Weekly Event #2: Police Calls)

Multiplayer gaming can be all about competitive matches, but as this VRality Gaming video shows, there's also a ton of fun to be had in cooperative sessions. In this case, the game is Flashing Lights, a simulation of the emergency services including paramedics, police and the fire department. In this case, a group of players take on a weekly event and go out en mass to serve an arrest warrant to a mid-level gang member. Check out in the video below the chaos that ensues:

All of the players engaged in the role play are really committed and this provides an interesting setup for a great gaming video. The same goes for the dedication to the actual real-life police procedure that the players stick to. For more equally good Flashing Lights gaming content, subscribe to the VReality Gaming YouTube channel right now.