Android Gaming News Flash: Pre-Register for The Swords of Ditto

When Devolver Digital publishes an Android game, you take notice. This time, they're publishing a title called Swords of Ditto and it is a roguelike RPG action. In the game, besides cute, Cartoon Network-like graphics, you'll also get a game built in the best traditions of Nintendo.

The world of the game is huge and filled with monsters, dungeons and everything else you'd expect from a role-playing game. The game combat system will, interestingly enough, be based on both good reaction times, but also some smart strategizing.

Also, the roguelike element will be developed into a full and custom system that impacts further games as well. In fact, all the players' victories and losses will build up into a cohesive legacy. If this sounds cool to you pre-register to the game on its Google Play page!