Twitch Stream Showcase: xeedxe

If you check out the xeedxe Twitch stream bio section, you will see that it belongs to a guy who just loves games and interacting with people. For me, this toned-down description is very refreshing in a gaming space that is quickly becoming crowded with overhyped streamers who oversell themselves. Fortunately, xeedxe is nothing of that sort and that’s more than cool for me.

He is mainly into The Elder Scrolls Online, which is definitely a title that on its own made many streamers famous (xeedxe is clearly more than knowledgeable in it). But, as any long-time gamer, he's also completely up for trying other games as well. That's why you can watch his stream of Unturned, Minion Masters and the amazing Risk of Rain 2. As for his streaming schedule, xeedxe is also working in real life and has a range of other commitments. Still, he tries to carry some predefined streaming days, so on Wednesday and Friday, you can catch him at 6:00pm CST. On Saturday and Sunday, he also streams often, but these time slots vary.

When it comes to xeedxe's streaming style, you can watch for a short time and immediately figure out he's really laid-back and natural in his content. Still, he also has an excellent deadpan sense of humor, which blends perfectly with his overall approach to streaming. Xeedxe is also creating a community around his channel, including running a Discord server.

Yet here, as well on the stream, he has clear rules that will stop any racist, mean or simply toxic members right in their tracks. I respect this, even more when it comes from content creators who are otherwise very relaxed - it’s awesome to see that xeedxe believes that this sort of behavior has no place in his community.

If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online and a generally healthy and laid-back gaming community, start following xeedxe Twitch channel right now!