Twitch Stream Showcase: treZZen

There's no better way to pitch the treZZen Twitch stream than to simply say: if you're into League of Legends, you should follow this streamer. He is a laser-focused LoL content creator and player. His YouTube channel shows how long has he been playing the game - the clips featured here go way back to 2011.

When it comes to his playstyle, treZZen is main ADC and his favorite champions are Tristana, the yordle gunner and Twitch, the plague rat. His current rank is Diamond 2 and he's waiting to climb to Masters. Finally, you can see his dedication by the fact that he is planning to stream on a daily basis.

If you're a LoL fan, do yourself a favor - check out his Instagram and start following treZZen Twitch channel right now!