Twitch Stream Showcase: MonsieurHandsome

The first thing you should notice about the MonsieurHandsome Twitch stream is that it belongs to a literate person. I don’t say this lightly - the gamer behind the channel can express himself and you can see this immediately in the bio section. This is important because it shows that he doesn’t just have the skill to write things and the intelligence to make it engaging, but also to drive to actually do it and not just wing it as many other content creators. At the same time, MonsieurHandsome is running a place loaded with humor, as the following statement clearly shows:

“P.S Horror games make my butthole tight.”

When it comes to actual gaming, he is into a very eclectic selection, playing mostly FPS and RPG titles, but also smaller games. This is why you can see his streams featuring Wizard101, Overwatch Gears55, Borderlands 3, Grand Chase, Half Dead 2, and Barotrauma, among many others. Yet, the lasting appeal of MonsieurHandsome is the fact that he is building a community free of toxicity and where gamers can mingle and feel happy and relaxed.

Check out his Discord server for more of that same community, subscribe to his YouTube channel and crucially start following his MonsieurHandsome Twitch channel now!