Twitch Stream Showcase: MMKProspects

The great thing about MMKProspects Twitch stream is the fact that with it, you get a two-in-one deal. The channel is run by a gaming, anime and comic book fan, but it is also a place for showcasing the G.T.O. Squad and their community. The three letters in the name stand for Gamer, Techie, and Otaku. That shows that both this streamer and the entire community are very much into popular contemporary Japanese art. This video perfectly showcases the same appreciation:

When it comes to gaming, the G.T.O. family loves to take on battle royale competitions. At the same time, you can see MMKProspects streams of Call of Duty, Destiny 2, NBA 2K19, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Detroit: Become Human. The streamer’s opinionated, but very chill and respectful personality blends great with this eclectic choice of games. Furthermore, like the G.T.O. crew, he is very appreciative of everything creative, so you can also watch his art stream and enjoy his impressive drawing skills (again, focused mainly on manga).

Completely expectedly, both MMKProspects and G.T.O. family want to meet other creative people who share their interests. If you too love gaming and anime, among other things, check out their Discord server. At the same time, follow this content creator on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, along with his official website.

Before you do any of that be sure to follow his MMKProspects Twitch channel!