Twitch Stream Showcase: LikesDogs

There’s little doubt that the Twitch ecosystem grew exponentially over the last couple of years. However, I’m still amazed by the ways people use this niche gaming platform to express themselves and LikesDogs Twitch stream is the perfect example. First of all, it is run by an avid gamer and video game fan who’s been watching streams on the same platform for ages.

His interests include Heroes of the Storm and PlanetSide 2, among others, so he’s not exactly looking to get into the newest thing out there. However, as a member of the Twitch community, he decided to use the platform and express himself about other things he loves: dogs.

Yes, LikesDogs is all about that age-old man’s best friend. The clips on the channel are unhosted, but that won’t be a big issue for you if you also like dogs, being that they will feature plenty of those. With accompanying chill music, the streams will show people playing with dogs, dogs goofing around and many more video goodness for all K9 fans out there. At the same time, the chat will feature automatic quotes from famous individuals during the streams.

Now, why did the channel get created in the first place? Aside from sharing his love of dogs, the author of the channel has another thing in his mind: raising awareness for American Humane. This non-profit organization is most famous for the "no animals were harmed in the making of this movie" changes in Hollywood, but its activities go back over 100 years.

It aims to promote the welfare and safety of animals and also strengthen the bonds that connect people and animals. While this is not a charity stream in the literal sense, the owner wants his fans to direct any money they might use for tips to the same non-profit.

Seeing gamers take a positive and proactive role in the wider world is always a good thing in my book, so if you too love dogs, follow LikesDogs Twitch channel!