Twitch Stream Showcase: DawesStroyer

The DawesStroyer Twitch stream is a gaming content hub that has a clear and razor-sharp focus: Apex Legends. The gamer behind it is called Ryan and he and his friends are deep into the world of Kings Canyon battle royale. What is even more important, they’re really - really - good at it. The best way to check out how good is to take a look at Ryan’s Instagram profile. Here, you’ll be able to see something that many other games would simply describe as serious power-plays.

However, Ryan did not start gaming when Apex Legends got released. He began playing games on PC where he enjoyed Halo and then moved into the FPS domain (no surprises there). After that, he enjoyed some MMORPGs but now, he settled in the realm of Apex. Also, unlike some streamers of this game, Ryan is not all about going for the familiar. Instead, he’s currently exploring becoming a Wattson main, which is the new character from the Season 2 of the game. Defensive and static to the core, she is one tough cookie to master, but Ryan is determined to do so nonetheless.

Besides great gaming action and a really engaging, yet laid-back streaming style, Ryan also has another ace up his content creator sleeve - his dog Frank the Frenchie, born in 2018. This cute young pup is the mascot of the stream and his main branding element (which is actually pretty smart marketing-wise). Frank is present as the key element for the growing of this community and subscribers get special emotes based on the same doggo. If you’re looking for a reason so sub any stream, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter one.

Obviously, Ryan has plenty to offer to all Apex Legends fans. Follow him on Twitter for all the latest updates and naturally, follow his DawesStroyer Twitch channel where you’ll be greeted first by none other than Frank the Frenchie himself!