Twitch Stream Showcase: DanielPaineGames

The thing that I instantly liked about DanielPaineGames Twitch stream is its biography section. It states precisely this about Daniel, the owner of the stream:

I stream CSGO

Now, you can't beat this if you're looking to avoid any regular boisterous Twitch streamer fluff and go directly to the essence of a streamer. Yes, this channel is all about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but as his streams show, Daniel is anything but new to it. The same goes for his engagement on the other side of the video games - Daniel is also a game designer, artist, and developer, as his website shows.

If you're interested in CS:GO and want to see it played by a no-BS gamer and developer who is clearly deeply invested in gaming, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and his Facebook Fan Page. Of course, before any of that, follow his DanielPaineGames Twitch channel!