Twitch Stream Showcase: ClassyPurgatory

The key thing you should know about Jonathan, the gaming content creator behind the ClassyPurgatory Twitch stream is the fact that he absolutely hates sheep. But, besides this, it’d like to point out that Jonathan is also really fun and versatile streamer.

His main focus are action, adventure, and horror games. Currently, he’s mainly into Apex Legends, but as his recent YouTube clip of Blair Witch Let’s Play shows, he’s also into other genres and other content platforms. Through all of this, Jonathan is focused on making fun and engaging videos and you can tell he’s got a knack for it - no matter what game he plays, he’s very laid-back and natural in his delivery.

Besides Twitch and YouTube, you can also find him on Twitter and Instagram. But, before you check out any of those streams, try to find out why he hates those cute fluffy sheep and follow his ClassyPurgatory Twitch channel right now!