Twitch Stream Showcase: butlerman547

A sense of humor is a killer to thing to have for any game content creator and in the case of butlerman547 Twitch stream, there is an abundance of it. First of all, the channel art, panels, and all other visual elements were all handcrafted to perfection in MS Paint (one of my all-time favorite tools, by the way). This, as well as channel's gaming videos, are all made by Robbie, a 20-year-old gamer from Canada.

His intent always was to meet cool people, play games and make the time pass in the best possible way. Fortunately for the rest of us, he has the skills and the comedic spark to make the same experience more than fun. It’s enough to watch this CS:GO Twitch clip, with its opening "We're about to win the greatest game of our lives" line (which is very not true as the video shows) and you’ll see what I mean.

Besides CS:GO, he also has Dark Souls streams, but I bet many other games are about to follow. Apart from his unique art, Robbie’s sense of humor can be seen in his giveaways that utilized “Butlerbux” or the channel’s currency - his website explains this better than I ever could.

If you appreciate a bit of high-quality humor and some grade-A gaming videos, check out Robbie's Discord server and of course follow his butlerman547 Twitch channel!