- The First Step in Becoming a Gaming Pro

Gaming is a booming industry, but inside of this field, the domain of esports and pro-competition is growing even faster. In 2018, the entire esports industry was worth $905 million, up almost 40 percent since 2017. This year, that sum is expected to go to at least $1.1 billion and likely well over that. This trend will continue in the years to come and it’s perfectly natural to see so many individuals trying to turn their love of gaming into a profession. Yet, becoming a professional player of any competitive title is not an easy task and many try and fail, only to quit on their dreams forever.

Fortunately, is there to change that and make sure players can work in the right manner to become pro. The company’s founder and CEO, Kay Lawton, explains its mission:

“We want to create the next brand of superstar esports athletes and help players go from amateur to professional. We will do this through a simple plan: offering a superior product at an affordable price. My team is made out of gamers who understand what it takes in order to go pro. This is why we won’t stop until our clients get that 1st place!”

Clearly, Lawton and the entire team is on a mission. With their offer, any ambitious gamer can find tools and advice that will help them level up and eventually get that gaming-only paycheck. To do this, the team will not offer a cookie-cutter approach many individual so-called esports coaches use.

Instead, they will approach every client on an individual basis. This includes the complete absence of deadlines and the ability of players to learn through online courses using their own pacing. Also, everyone will have the ability to build their skills both with other players and get instructions and guidance one-on-one from instructors. All of this sounds like the ideal way to approach building future esports stars, regardless of which title or genre they decide to pursue. offers an important service for anyone willing to work to become a gaming pro. Follow its CEO on his Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to check out the company on its Facebook fan page and official website. Maybe you’re the first gamer that can elevate to global stardom.