Odd and Mysterious: Men in Black: Global Invasion looks Terrible

Making a game based on the global franchise like Men in Black can go wrong on some many levels. Its gameplay can suck, it can have terrible monetization mechanisms or provide a defective difficulty progression. I can get all of that and the same often happens.

However, it can't have bad visuals and shoddy overall graphics, but this is precisely what happened to Men in Black: Global Invasion. This mixture of Pokémon GO and turn-based strategy places the player in the MIB universe, but in this case, it looks like something the developers ordered from outsources who then outsourced it even lower down the quality ladder.

First of all, just check out the game poster and the design of the two main agents. This looks like rushed fan art at best, all with the uneven style of the guns vs the actual characters and the semi-finished look of their clothing ("no one will look at those pants, don't worry bruh"). The same goes for the game's official Google Play icon, which seems like a really talented designer made it back in 1994.

In-game stuff looks the same, half-finished and all-bad. I'm not sure what went wrong for the Ludare Games Group, the developer of this title, but something really broke down in the visual department.