Odd and Mysterious: Mario Kart Tour reviews are not Good

Mario Kart Tour managed to break some cool download numbers and overcame even Pokemon Go! on its first day. However, as the gamers settled in they began noticing some major issues with this Android racing title.

It seems that the most negative opinions are focusing on the gatcha element of the game and the fact that you can simply run out of things you can do in the game. Lastly, the game features a months Gold Pass, which costs $4.99 and people absolutely hate it. Seems like Nintendo outstretched their monetization elements this time and ended with what Metacritic is labeling "mixed or average reviews".

The aggregate score on Google Play is still standing strong at 4.6 after half a million users left their review. However, combined with the fact that you have to make a Nintendo account to play the game, you really have to be a big fan of the franchise to go through all of that trouble for an otherwise somewhat obnoxious title.