Hot on Android: Wolf Online 2

The market for mobile games is saturated with all manner of action and combat games. However, interestingly enough, few of them put the players in the role of a regular animal and even fewer do this well. Wolf Online 2 is a clear exception to all of that and its trailer shows why:
As the next installment of the Wolf Online series (the first game has over 10 million downloads) this game once again provides excellent graphics and amazing animal animations. On top of that is a really dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience where combat and exciting moves are more than abundant.

Besides excellently-designed characters, the game includes a huge range of locations, covering almost every imaginable terrain type, from deserts to jungles and glaciers. All of this provides this unique feeling of excitement and freedom that has become synonymous with the Wolf Online series.

If you'd like to try out Wolf Online 2, you can do that now for free on Google Play!