Hot on Android: Traffix if Temporarily Free!

The domain of traffic organization and control is weirdly enough a great topic for some really cool games and Traffix is clearly one of them (do you get the Traffic+Fix name there). In this minimalist and very simple simulation and puzzle hybrid, you will be tasked with organizing and untangling traffic in huge cities like New York, Havana, and Moscow. Also, the game offers both a regular campaign and an additional survival mode that plays basically as a complex endless runner.

With some brilliant design and a great level of challenge, this premium app managed to get over 1,400 reviews with a spectacular average score of 4.8. Furthermore, it has a hefty (but a very adequate) price of $3.99 but it still managed to create an impressive fan base. Now, the game is temporarily free and if you're interested in titles like this, you should not miss out on this opportunity. Get Traffix for free before the time runs out on its official Google Play page!