Hot on Android: SimpleRockets 2

Everyone knows that building rocket is a super awesome thing to do and the gaming industry is no exception. Now, a new Android game is out and it provides the very same option as a premium (paid) app.

The game is called SimpleRockets 2 and so far has a great rating with 230 reviews and a 4.9 score. In the game you can build rockets, but also airplanes, rovers and everything else that can be used to explore the space and the vastness beyond. Currently, there are 17 individual challenges that you can try your hand and engineering mind at.

Also, the amount of options at your disposal will be huge, starting with types of engine and going all the way to fuel type and the leangth of the rocket nozzle. This is why anyone who is into space exploration and rocket engineering should check out SimpleRockets 2 on Android right now!