Coming Soon to Steam: Kung Fu Jesus

When a game promises you the chance to play as the "greatest martial artist in the galaxy" you take notice. Add to that the name like Kung Fu Jesus and you would need superhero powers to ignore something like that. At the same time, the actual upcoming game seems more than interesting if you're bold gaming concepts.

Developed by the Celestial Gold Studios, this title has several things going for it. First, it's set in a trippy underworld located inside of the spiritual and astral planes. From here, the game will take you on a psychedelic experience that merges more than one genre into something truly out of this world. Check out the trailer to see how this reflects into actual visuals and gameplay:
If you’re into games that are not your ordinary spins on existing genres, you are probably already interested in Kung Fu Jesus. The game should come out in 2020, but follow it on its official website, Twitter and Facebook Fan Page, but most importantly, wishlist it on Steam!