Coming Soon: COGRET

The domain of mobile gaming is always getting closer and closer to the AAA standards of PC and console titles. Now, a new mobile game called COGRET proves the same once again. It is coming out this week on both Android and iOS markets, but the trailer below shows why all fans of action and horror should be on the lookout for it!
Immediately, you'll see an amazing level of visual quality. From the cinematics, individual assets of the weapons and enemies, to the entire atmosphere of the exterior and interiors, the game looks like any 3D computer title running on a bit lower number of polygons.

As for the plot and genre, the game is set in a sci-fi setting where something terrible occurred that involves plenty of gore and zombie-like figures. The players, armed with both guns and blades, must do something about it through brute force. The entire setup seems like Dead Space mixed with Doom. That's a really good combination to have.

But the COGRET game has another ace up its sleeve. It will feature new content from the moment it comes out until December, including new maps and weapons. If all of this sounds like something you might enjoy, check out the game on its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts and its website. Finally, follow all new developments and future updates using its #cogret hashtag!