Breakout - Dark Prison: The Last Rescue is open for Pre-Registration!

It’s been several months since Breakout - Dark Prison was showcased here on Awesome Android Games. Now, Latersoft development team pushed further with the game and it sent the title in the Google Play Pre-Registration phase! What is even more important, the team has not been losing steam with their features, narrative and overall feel of this action title. In fact, it seems like the Breakout - Dark Prison has much of the needed magic to become a big hit once it gets out.

More Polish, More Content

It seems that the aim of the team was very clear: provide more content that comes with a higher level of polish. The post-apocalyptic tale of a father who has to find his kidnapped daughter kept by a group of mercenaries in one of the most dangerous places on the planet is still here.

However, along with it, the game now provides a much cleaner and more efficient UI design, high-quality graphics and even a character customization process. The main selling points are also there as well - the game includes epic bosses, versatile loot drops that offer a huge number of weapons and armor, as well as an RPG system that perfectly blends itself into this environment.

The audience has also noticed the game, as the very populous Latersoft Facebook fan page and Twitter account now clearly show. After all, if you like innovative and rich action RPG titles, this one has your ticket. Before all of that, pre-register to Breakout - Dark Prison: The Last Rescue and start playing it the moment it hits the market. It will be well worth your time, trust me on this.