Awesome YouTube Channel: Siege is Epic

There are many levels of being good at a particular game. Sometimes, this means being able to beat almost anyone at it. At other moments, the same includes a deep knowledge of a certain title, its mechanics, lore or any other element a release might have. But, on some rare occasions, it includes all of the mentioned things and the same is the case for the Siege is Epic YouTube gaming channel. The content creator behind it is an up-and-coming YouTuber who is fully focused on a single game - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Recently, he managed to reach the top 100 players on the global leaderboard of this super-competitive game. Saying that he is good in this game is a gross understatement. This is why he possesses a huge insight into this title as shown in his recent video. However, another video is putting him on the Rainbow Six Siege map. Here, an instance of EU hackers is showcased, as well as why hacking fails to do much good if you’re up against a true veteran player:
This is just a small fraction of the content all Rainbow Six fans will be able to find on this YouTube channel. Among the videos are things like assessments of weapons and which ones are overpowered, for example. This will be more than useful for all players who want to improve their game. Of course, the whole Siege is Epic channel is still dedicated to having fun and enjoying the company of the Rainbow Six community.

It’s no wonder that the YouTube search algorithm is paying attention to this channel and that its videos are blowing up in terms of likes and views. If you too love Rainbow Six Siege, you have to subscribe to the Siege is Epic YouTube channel right this very moment!