Awesome Online Game: Proof of Kill

If you're into online competitive games, especially those that are based on the combat arena matches, check out Proof of Kill right now! This free top-down browser game puts you in an space where you have to fight other players in fast-paced, gun-based combat.

The game offers simple but very dynamic and engaging setup, but it also has an additional huge advantage that will surely hook many people once it is fully developed. The aim of the creators is to merge the game with a currency blockchain network, allowing for the collecting of crypto coins in the actual gameplay matches and even using ETH of the ethereum network to play (and I'm guessing earn as well) on the next level.

I can easily see how the game, with its neon graphics and a great synth soundtrack, could become a big hit among the gamers who are cryptocurrency users. If this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to try out Proof of Kill for yourself!