Awesome Gaming Video: R-99 IS KING by Caliber6ix!

If you recently began playing Apex Legends you're probably often frustrated just how hard this game can be. A big problem with that is the fact that beginners usually simply don't know some of the most basic elements of the game, including which weapons they should be using. Fortunately, Caliber6ix, who is a gamer, but also an up-and-coming multi-platform streamer and gaming content creator can help there. Let me present him presenting the mighty R-99 Submachine Gun!
This light ammo SMG is often overlooked by many playing the game, but not by Caliber6ix! His montage of using this powerful and fast gun is live on YouTube and here you can see why light ammo and this weapon, in particular, should be your first choice. Also, Caliber6ix is great to listen to and seems like a really cool and mellow guy, even when in the scorching heat of combat.

If you're an Apex Legends fan or love FPS in general, you have to follow him on YouTube. While you're at it, check out his Twitch stream, but also his Instagram and Twitter pages. Most interestingly of all - check out his Mixer stream as well. Something tells me that we'll see much more of Caliber6ix in the community of Apex streamers and for all good reasons - now, you can get in on the ground floor!