Awesome Gaming Video: FINAL SHOWDOWN! (Dragon Ball Xenoverse Let's Play FINALE)

Sometimes, a gaming channel has its pitch that is too complex or simply too ordinary. It both cases, these tend to be anything but interesting. However, there are other gaming channels which do the exact opposite with just one or two sentences in their bio section. SPJAG channel is in the second category and this is how the gamer behind its content describes itself:

Konnichiwa, y'all! I'm a  Southerner from North Carolina, USA who plays a lot of Japanese action video games!

This is easy to understand, but still more than engaging! At the same time, it has a dose of good-natured humor about it that is also immediately clear. To further demonstrate the same point, check out this video of SPJAG and the Dragon Ball Xenoverse finale.
Here, you can see that this channel has loads of potential - the basic setup of a guy with a heavy Southern US accent playing Japanese games is a clash of cultures at its best. Furthermore, SPJAG is both casually funny and very knowledgeable of the games he plays, making it an awesome combo.

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