Awesome Gaming Video: ARMA 3: METRO 2033 - EPISODE 1: "CAPTURED BY THE RED LINE"

Sabbe is a YouTube gaming creator who is ARMA 3, the super-realistic military tactical shooter. This game has a huge community and many of them include modders. In this video, Sabbe and a friend are doing the first episode of one such mode, called Metro 2033. The video begins as a regular FPS survival game, but when the duo finds an entrance to the first outpost, you'll see why this is something completely different (around the 10th minute). Check out the really cool video below:
Metro 2033 is based on a Russian post-apocalyptic novel where a nuclear war destroys the world, but in Moscow, the survivor flocks to the underground subway system and gradually build an entirely new society. In the video and the mod, you can see the pair explore the scary, dark and very unnerving world of Metro 2033 (which is also inhabited by other human players). They approach the mod very seriously and thoroughly, so the whole video works as a good horror movie.

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