Twitch Stream Showcase: twigplaysgg

The twigplaysgg Twitch stream offers an interesting mix of interests - its owner is a lifelong gamer called Twig. He's been playing video games ever since he can remember, but besides gaming, he sees himself as a person who has a deadly obsession with shoes. You can check out his Instagram to see just how true this is. Now, this on its own would be an interesting combo - while plenty of people love shoes, not many of them make quality gaming videos. However, the mix is even more unique when you consider which games Twig plays.

Like all lifelong gamers, he's open to trying new gaming titles, but right now, his focus is super-clear: it's the card collecting genre, more precisely, two huge games in this domain. These are Hearthstone and Gods Unchained. The first game is a juggernaut of a card collecting game, which I personally like millions around the world, played for years.

However, the second title is even more interesting. Gods Unchained is a new trading card game that is built on the ethereum blockchain. The same game uses ETH tokens to build on top of them a system for non-fungible tokens to make its in-game assets, or cards in this case. The non-fungible means that each card is unique and unlike let’s say a bitcoin token, where any two tokens are just the same, the NFT assets are distinct.

It’s incredibly cool that Twig launched himself into this game and the entire blockchain setup. This tech truly stands to revolutionize the way gaming takes place. Furthermore, this game perfectly complements his cool and relaxed style of streaming. This will come even more to the forefront as Twig gets better in the game. I'm willing to bet he'll likely become one of the leading streamers of Gods Unchained in the coming period.

If you too like cool shoes, cool gaming, and TCG titles that could become huge, you should follow Twig on his YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. Also, make sure you follow his twigplaysgg Twitch channel as soon as you can.