Twitch Stream Showcase: Samurai_Karl

We tend to think of the gaming domain as something that is eternally young. Yet, places like Samurai_Karl Twitch stream show otherwise and for me, this is a super-cool fact that not many get to enjoy. The man behind this channel has been playing video games since 2001, which is a period longer than many big current streamers have been alive.

He began his gaming with Counter-Strike 1.3 but also card games like Magic: The Gathering. Yet, it was the first video game that allowed him to enter the first esports league and play CS back in the days of LAN centers. Since then, he went semi-pro and stepped away from the same esport, but continue to immensely enjoy gaming.

This is the main reason why he created his Twitch stream over a year ago. Now, he broadcasts on a Mon-Wed-Sun basis as a part-time streamer. Currently, you can see his streams of Lineage 2 Classic, SpellBreak, ArcheAge, but also Counter-Strike and Overwatch. These perfectly showcase his focus on both MMO and FPS games.

However, it is the latter category that will soon see Samurai_Karl make his next big streaming step. On August 26th, he will launch his special World of Warcraft Classic stream that will last 24 hours! If you are in any shape or form interested in WoW, this has to be one of the biggest things you’ll tune in on its release day. If you do, you’ll see that Samurai_Karl is an exceedingly laid-back and friendly guy, which is a perfect match for a game like this.

No matter if you’re a fan of shooters of fantasy MMOs, this veteran gamer has something to offer you. Check him out on the 26th of August and follow him on Twitter. Naturally, first of all, follow his Samurai_Karl Twitch channel!