Twitch Stream Showcase: RobDollasGaming

When you come across any gaming content creator who has strong branding, it's a thing you notice immediately. The RobDollasGaming Twitch stream is a perfect example of this idea. The thing that greets you when you first visit it is an awesome logo - it features a bag of US dollars, but one that is exceedingly well-crafted from an artistic perspective, including its shading, basic lines, colors and everything else.

In fact, the channel's logo looks like something straight from a good comic book. But the branding really comes at you when you figure out that the channel belongs to a gamer and content creator called Robert, but who goes by Rob Dolla$. Immediately, the same branding effort clicks even further.

None of this is accidental. Rob is only 25-years-old who's been active on Twitch for only a couple of months. Yet, already, he has that recognisability that many streamers fail to achieve after years on the platform. Rob is clearly thinking things through. The same applies to his content. Rob is all about Fortnite and this is his game of choice - checking out just one stream or clip shows you the level of his skills and the time he spent in the game to get his chops.

He is also very invested in his community. In the streams, you can hear him engage with his fans and answer questions, which is always a good approach to that crucial community-building. He has a Discord server up, but also has his Fortnite Fridays where he picks some followers and plays either Duo or Squad games with them. This is a great option for anyone who is into Fortnite and meeting other players.

Lastly, Rob is also more than meticulous. Besides Twitch, he has a YouTube channel set up but uses Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well. If you like Fornite and gaming content made by driven creators who establish strong personal brands, you need to check out Rob Dolla$ and follow his RobDollasGaming Twitch channel right now!