Twitch Stream Showcase: Nine_Volt

The Nine_Volt Twitch stream belongs to a very young gamer, but still one who has an incredible amount of determination to see his content reach a bigger audience. His name is Anthony and he began playing on Xbox. Today, he sees gaming as his passion and as his nickname says, he brings some eclectic action to the table.

Anthony mainly players Rainbow Six Siege, Rust, and GTA V, but he also enjoys trying out brand new titles as well. As you can already tell, his streams and clips are full of fast FPS action and his skills are on par with his desire to make great gaming content. You can further see his determination in his social media. Anthony runs his gaming YouTube channel, Discord server, and Twitter account. This is very impressive for such a young gamer and I hope he keeps at it in the months and years to come!

If you’re like to support Anthony in his drive to become a known streamer and a Twitch affiliate, follow his Nine_Volt Twitch channel right now!