Twitch Stream Showcase: Mrslavic

The Mrslavic Twitch stream is not something you see every day. It is run by a 23-year-old Bosnian gamer who’s currently based in the Netherlands. On his own, he’s a social media powerhouse, as his YouTube channel with over 19,000 subs, Facebook Fan Page, and Instagram account shows. Apart from gaming, he also does vlogs and many other types of content on YouTube, while his initial idea was to give Bosnia an international voice.

As someone who visited it more than once, I can really say that it’s a fantastic country which more people should become aware of. In that sense, Mrslavic’s videos are very important as a means of giving it another voice that might be missing from regular news media.

Yet, his Twitch stream is all about gaming. If you check out this current videos, you can see that he's mainly into PUBG, along with a few streams featuring Horizon Chase. But, PUBG is clearly the focus and Mrslavic is clearly a very skilled player, not only when it comes to gun skills, but also other aspects of the game like his lightning-fast changing of gear and weapon add-ons. This makes him the perfect choice for those battle royale players who like to keep it realistic. Additionally, his super-mellow personality works great with titles like PUBG.

If you want to learn more about this interesting gamer from a fascinating country, check out his Discord server and don’t forget to follow his Mrslavic Twitch channel as well!