Twitch Stream Showcase: MookyDaGOAT_

The MookyDaGOAT_ Twitch stream is run by a 29-year-old gamer by the name of Mooky. Based in the US, he’s an Army vet, but also a veteran of gaming with over 15 years of playing online titles - his journey began with Halo 2 on Xbox. Here’s how Mooky defines his journey so far:

“I survived the DDOSing, modding, standbying, and the most EPIC SH*T TALKING ERA just to be here today to share my entertainment with you.”

For someone who’s also been gaming for more than three decades, I love this explanation. On Twitch, Mooky is mostly all about shooters, with some sports and survival games. Currently, you can see him play Rocket League, PUBG, GTA V and also Fortnite. Also, keep a listen during his intermissions - you can hear the cool beats and instrumentals he makes.

If you want to check out this streamer who lets his gaming do all the talking, check out his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. Also, start following the MookyDaGOAT_ Twitch channel right now!