Twitch Stream Showcase: empiregoldtv

The empiregoldtv Twitch stream is all-in on one game and that game is Fortnite! The stream belongs to a gamer and content creator who is already a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world. 

The empiregoldtv YouTube channel has over 1,800 subscribers and a similar state is true for both its Instagram and Twitter social media. All of these are already crowded with gaming and Fortnite fans, so it’s clearly time to move onto Twitch as well!

Here, in a little less than two weeks, the stream managed to gather over 150 followers. The appeal of the streams is clear - they offer high-octane Fortnite action free of any unnecessary elements. Instead of telling stories or something similar, empiregoldtv is all about letting the on-screen mayhem do all of the talking.

If you love Fortnite, you should have no doubt - you will love the empiregoldtv Twitch channel so follow it right now!