Twitch Stream Showcase: candymudkipz

The candymudkipz Twitch stream belongs to a gamer by the name of Mar and you don’t need to watch a stream for more than a couple of minutes to get what this channel is all about. Mar and her friends are into gaming for one reason - to have fun! They do precisely this and enjoy the game they’re playing, laughing out loud and goofing around in a down-to-Earth and unforced manner. Mar says that she’s a furry and that she usually plays badly, but I’m glad to see that this is not stopping her from sharing her passion.

As of now, you can see Mar play Monster Hunter World, The Isle, Raft, and Dead by Daylight. All of these titles feature a strong blend of survival and exploration, making it a good direction where this relatively new streamer will head in the future.

If you want to enjoy Mar as she enjoys gaming, check out her candymudkipz Twitch channel and follow it right now!