Twitch Stream Showcase: Animacs_tv

The first thing you notice when you check out the Animacs_tv Twitch stream is a pure overload of friendliness and positivity. The stream is run by a 22-year-old girl based in Germany who goes by the name An. She is streaming in English and her two main focus titles are Jackbox Party Pack and Choice Chamber.

However, it is that incredibly strong sense of positivity and good-natured humor that are dominant in all that she does. The same applies to her interactions with followers, which she has over 4,000. In that regard, she always tries to interact on a one-on-one basis and create personal connections. As she puts it, she is interested in making everyone feel loved and welcome - the same has been always her main goal.

In the general gaming environment where there’s too much negativity and hostility, this content creator is truly a ray of light. Join her Discord server, follow her gaming YouTube channel and don’t forget to follow her Animacs_tv Twitch channel as well!