Twitch Stream News Flash: OriginalMermer Special Streaming Period is on!

OriginalMermer Twitch stream is a hub of gaming activity for those who cherish that precious and different sense of humor. He was already featured here, as well as his epic biography tag line about taking a shit on the campfire.

Now, the same game content creator is kicking off a period of special streams you can catch on this Twitch channel. It begins on August 15, 2019, and will last for three days. This means that it ends on August 18, 2019, which is not that long but having in mind what kind of cat Jordan is, it will be entertaining for sure.

Currently, he's at 11, 804 followers, so if you decide to check what he's doing in these three days, you won't be alone. Of course, don’t forget - If you want to get into the OriginalMermer universe, follow his Twitter and YouTube channel, as well as his Discord server. However, most importantly, after you take a shit on your own campfire, follow his OriginalMermer Twitch channel!