Robot City Clash: To Summon & Protect Review

The genre of mobile gaming real-time strategies has expanded in a recent couple of years, but games like Robot City Clash show there’s plenty of room for innovation and improvement. Robot City Clash: To Summon & Protect is the first game from Jade Media game developers, but it's already a title that provides something new and exciting. The game is set in 2050, where cops and robots have joined up to fight crime. They do this through the use of units, both human and robotic, which must stand up to street gangs and other criminal scum.

As a player, you do this in a setup that is broadly similar to Clash Royale. The game takes place aboard where the cops take one side and the gangs the other. They face off in real-time battles, but every cop character can fight, but also summon a robot to fight on their side. This seemingly small tweak makes all the difference for the game. The tactical possibilities with these dual unit classes are very broad and offer a very challenging yet extremely fun gaming experience.

The game is also helped by an otherwise impressive level of quality. The graphics are excellent, which like the story provide a Robocop-like setup with some amazing character animations. The same is true for the music and sound effects, all of which work together to provide the game with excellent sights and sounds.

If you love great mobile strategies and cyberpunk settings, you have to try out Robot City Clash: To Summon & Protect! Download the game on Google Play for free or check out its website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and Instagram account!