Out on Steam: Ashes of the Night

Ashes of the Night is a hybrid RPG, adventure and strategy title that just came out on the Steam PC market. The thing you’ll probably notice first if you read its description is a fact that is for me quite striking. It says:

“Much work has been done to bring forth the things we enjoy and avoid the things that we all hate about RPG's. Minimal farming is required.”

The fact that the development of the game included a strong love for RPG games, along with the knowledge of what works and what doesn't is probably the best starting point for any title. In this fantasy adventure, you will be able to take more than a dozen playable characters covering many classes, form them into parties and take on an egomaniac called on The Master (which is kind of a perfect name for such a person). 

They will take him on not simply through a boring process of grinding out mobs, but through the development of characters, but also dialogues and character interactions. Finally, there will be plenty of combat as well, but one that seems both challenging and engaging.

The visuals of the game lean towards JRPG, and as the trailer on the Steam page shows, the graphics and the animations look great. With that in mind and over 20 hours of gameplay, the title provides a very good value for money in terms of other role-playing games.

All of this points to an adventure RPG that is worthy of the classic games from this genre that made such an impact two decades ago. If you want to try out Ashes of the Night, check the game out on Steam right now!