Hot on Android: Gears POP! is available on Google Play!

Mix the Gears of War series with the popular Funko POP! figurine line and your Get Gears POP! This Android game allows you to play a casual, card collecting version of Gears of War set in the same famous universe. In the game, you'll use your collection to create a team and then take on your enemies.

The layout of the game is similar to Clash Royale, featuring three lanes and the classic portrait battle setup. The battles are set in real-time and there is an expected level progression system in place. The levels themselves are called Arenas (no big surprise there) and these progress as you progress in the game as well.

All in all, the collaboration between these companies is pretty weird and the end result could be either awful or pretty good from where I'm standing. If you want to try Gears POP! check it out on its Google Play page.