Awesome Gaming Video: The Monsters Are Here!!! (Claire: Extended Cut Part 2)

Beginnings are hard and there's no denying that. However, as with everything else, it is important to start and the Country Boy Blue Collar Gaming content creator understands this perfectly. This video of the Claire: Extended Cut game is his latest on a channel that is about a week old. Once you start watching, you'll probably immediately notice that the sound is uneven in the clip. Yet, give it a few minutes and you'll see loads of potential that this gaming content creator has!

Firstly, this guy is funny! He plays a serious horror game and still manages to make it sound entertaining and interesting, apart from being scary. Secondly, he is clearly into a huge range of titles, including Jump Force 4, Minecraft and other titles as well. Besides, as the Claire: Extended Cut Part 1 shows, he's ready to make video series and other types of content besides only short and quick Let's Play clips.

All this shows that this blue-collar worker from the South of the US has plenty to share with the world in terms of his love of gaming (apart from his awesome southern accent that could be straight from a movie). Enjoy his take on Claire: Extended Cut and follow him on Twitter. Also, don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel!