Awesome Gaming Video: 4k Fifa 19 Outstanding Barcelona Long Shots Afrobeat style Xbox

Usually, as gaming fans, we get a chance to discover a content creator who already became famous. Yet, sometimes, we're lucky enough to find someone who is just getting started but still provides an amazing ability to create engaging gaming videos. The gamers-watch YouTube Channel is just such a place. To see what I mean, just check out this FIFA 19 video:
What makes the gamers-watch video so great? Firstly, it's the amazing blend of football action and Afrobeat tracks that follows it. The music, sounds of the match and commentator voices blend perfectly to offer this upbeat mix that will be almost hypnotic. Yet, while the music is great, it is the visual action that steals the show.

The gamers-watch showcases members of FC Barcelona pulling off incredible long shots. From fast counter-attack carried out by Messy to very long strikes away from the box, the action presented here is simply mesmerizing. It shows why FIFA19 is so popular, but also why this gaming content creator has a bright future ahead for the same channel.

If you love football, FC Barcelona and FIFA 19, this is one of those videos you should watch from beginning to end. Here, you'll see why you should also subscribe to the gamers-watch YouTube Channel right now!