Android Gaming News Flash: A Warhammer MMORPG is under development

Yes, an MMORPG set in the Warhammer universe (not the 40,000k one) is under development for mobile platforms.  In the game called (for now) Warhammer Odyssey, players will be able to choose between Dwarf, Human and High Elf character, while available classes will cover Witch Hunter, Slayer, Engineer, Warrior Priest, Archmage and Shadow Warrior.

There will then enter a huge adventure that should feature many famous places from the game's lore. The plot will see them fight the forces of chaos and darkness.

From a practical side, it is known that the game would include regular updates that would be of an episodic nature. It will also be set in a 3D visual environment and current concept art shows really nice classic Warhammer designs of character and locations.

All of this sounds more than cool, so if you're a Warhammer fan, visit the game's official website to pre-register and find more information on Warhammer Odyssey.