Android Gaming News Flash: This Is the Police 2 is up for Pre-Registration

The name of this Android game is something different, but so is its genre - the best way to describe This Is the Police 2 is to define it as a simulation. However, it is also a deeply rooted noir tale where you take control of a small snowy town's sheriff department (Fargo, anyone?).

In the game, the setup offers highly realistic scenarios, so all cops (or deputies) have their personalities and background stories. These include things like prejudices and alcoholism, which will probably hit too close to home for some players, especially in the US.

As for the gameplay mechanism, there are several of those bundled up into a single game. This includes a story-driven adventure where you as a player inhabit an in-game character, but also strategy (with a map of the entire town of Sharpwood) and finally turn-based tactical combat where you control individual deputies in action.

All this sounds more than interesting, so if you always wanted to play someone like Marge Gunderson from the original Fargo movie, go ahead and pre-register for the game on its Google Play page.