Android Gaming News Flash: Rusty Lakes' The White Door is going Mobile

The Rusty Lake developers are well known to fans of adventure and horror gaming. The Cube Escape games are still among the best casual adventures on the market and their quality and overall creepiness is yet to be matched by any other gaming studio working in this field.

Now, a new game is on its way and it uses the mechanics of color as its main selling point. You play as Robert Hill, who is a dreamer in a black and white space of lost memories. Your objective will be to bring back color to Robert's dream and waking life.

Like always, Rusty Lake people are doing a great job in providing an engaging, unsettling and appealing mystery, now above and beyond the 2D frontal perspective of the Cube Escape games. The title will appear first on Steam and PC, but it should quickly after that move to the mobile platforms, including Android.